18 December 2018
Microentrepreneur of the YEAR 2018 - competition for the smallest companies.

The fourteenth edition of the Microentrepreneurship of the Year competition has been launched. Entrepreneurs managing the smallest companies have the opportunity to present their achievements and win the main prize - PLN 40 thousand. The competition is targeted at micro enterprises employing not more than 10 employees and with a turnover below EUR 2 million. The aim of the competition is to promote modern initiatives that distinguish not only efficiency, but also commitment and social responsibility.

In addition to the main prize, the Competition Jury will award four distinctions in the following categories: Start - for the youngest micro-enterprises, Progres - for medium-age companies, Senior - for companies the longest operating on market and Young business - for micro-businesses run by people under 30.

In addition, 8 special awards are planned for companies, which, in the opinion of the Competition Jury, are developing most effectively in various regions of Poland. Thanks to this, the competition will also be a promotion of local business leaders.

Applications until December 19, 2018 can be made through the website:

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