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Internship scholarships - information meetings for students
8 May 2019

At the University of Technology and Humanities in Radom there is an information campaign for students interested in the Radom internship scholarship program. University students preparing to take up employment in the city of Radom had the opportunity to learn about the criteria for granting scholarships and the conditions for completing an internship with an entrepreneur. Information was provided by representatives of the City Hall in Radom. The meetings were also attended by entrepreneurs from Radom, who declared their willingness to accept students for internships.

Internship scholarships enjoy growing interest of both students and entrepreneurs - internship organizers. At the meetings attended by students of the Faculty of Economic and Legal Sciences (fields: administration, economics, law, law in business), the Faculty of Materials Science, Technology and Design and the Faculty of Transport and Electrical Engineering, there were also many interested in details. Therefore, further information meetings are planned.