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Forbes Diamonds 2019 - the most dynamically developing companies in Poland
8 February 2019

Forbes Magazine, in cooperation with Bisnode Polska, compiles a list of outstanding Polish enterprises every year. The list of Forbes Diamonds includes enterprises that achieved the largest average annual growth in value.

Before placing a particular company in the ranking, its operation and financial history are examined. Forbes Diamonds are awarded to enterprises that have increased their market value the most in the last three years. The valuation is based on the Swiss method, which takes into account sales level, net profit, value of fixed assets, inventories, receivables and investments. Companies that submitted to the National Court Register financial statements for the financial year or published them in Monitor Polski B are qualified.
The Forbes Diamonds are awarded companies with a positive financial result and a co-operation risk ratio higher than 4, assessed according to the Bisnode rating. Companies in bankruptcy or liquidation are eliminated.


The ranking does not take into account financial institutions, such as banks, due to differences in the balance categories between them and production or trading companies.

The awarded companies are divided into three categories according to sales revenues:
        - small companies, revenues of PLN 5-50 million;
        - medium-sized companies, revenues of PLN 50-250 million;
        - large companies, revenues over PLN 250 million.

Forbes Diamonds in the current edition were awarded to a larger number of companies from Radom than in the previous year. Among the awarded were also enterprises that were already awarded in previous editions, but this time they were classified in higher positions. There are also those that have passed into a group of companies with a higher income range. The latest Forbes ranking testifies to the good financial condition of Radom companies and is a confirmation of their efficient functioning on the market.

Forbes Diamonds 2019 -  revenues from 5 to 50 million PLN:

Forbes Diamonds 2019 -  revenues from 50 to 250 million PLN:

Forbes Diamonds 2019 -  revenues over PLN 250 million:

The ranking also includes companies from the vicinity of Radom:

  • FRUBELLA PROCESSING SP. Z O.O. - Białobrzegi (35th place on the regional list and 170th on the nationwide list among companies with revenues from 50 to 250 million PLN)
  • APCHEM PATRYCJA BARTOSZ-KĘDZIOR ADAM KĘDZIOR SP.J. - Młodocin Większy (44th place on the regional list and 232th on the nationwide list among companies with revenues from 5 to 50 million PLN)
  • MAX STAL - M. CHABERSKA, W. SIWIEC SP.J. - Pionki (60 and 314; last year 91 and 444)
  • BCF SP. Z O.O.- Pionki (80, 415).

Congratulations to all the honored and we wish you better results in the coming years!>