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2 July 2018

June 22, 2018 at Sangate Hotel Airport in Warsaw, the GREAT GALA „POLISH ENTREPRENEURSHIP" took place. The organizer of the event is the National Federation of Entrepreneurs and Employers - Przedsię, Mazovian Association of Trade, Industry and Services and the National Institute for Enterprise Development.

During the gala, prizes were awarded, among others, in the „Polish Pearls" competition and in the jubilee 15th edition of the „Eagles of Polish Entrepreneurship" plebiscite. Among the distinguished companies were also Radom enterprises. Jadar sp. z o.o. was honored of „Pearl of Building Industry 2018" and „Eagle of Polish Construction Industry 2018", whereas WACYN Bakery Ewa Brzezińska, Andrzej Karczewski was awarded to „Pearl of the Food Market".



Special prizes were also awarded. Among companies awarded with statuettes and the title of „Company of the 15th anniversary" there are companies awarded many times in this plebiscite: Jadar sp. z o.o. and Klamal sp. z o.o. The „Eagle of Polish Entrepreneurship" special award is a confirmation of reliability, quality and the highest standards, the distinguishing features of the previous winners, who have become part of the history of the plebiscite.