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„MY PROFESSION - MY FUTURE" - vocational education in Radom
20 April 2018

As part of the campaign, leaflets and information banners as well as a film promoting vocational training were prepared. The website was also launched, where all information on the subject of vocational education can be found.

Meetings of entrepreneurs with students who are now making decisions about the further path of education and parents who often have influence on the orientation of their children's choices are planned. In addition, entrepreneurs already participating in dual education will encourage more companies to join this project.

It is, with the current deficit of qualified personnel, the best way to create opportunities for young people to gain the profession sought in the labor market and the experience required by employers.

The campaign was prepared in cooperation with the Department of Radom Economic Zone Service on City Hall of Radom, the Department of Education and the Radom Chamber of Commerce and Industry.