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Poznań Fashion Fair 2017 - autumn edition
6 September 2017

Between 5 and 7 September, on Poznań Fashion Fair, almost 500 companies and brands from all over the world present fashion trends for autumn-winter 2017/2018 and spring-summer 2018. This is the bigest in Poland and one of the largest in Europe business event for clothing entrepreneurs. Twice a year, there come here producers, importers and traders coming from over a dozen countries. The organizers of the fair have prepared for the exhibitors four halls, where they are presented: clothing, footwear, accessories, leather goods and leathers and all kinds of accessories. This is a unique opportunity for owners of clothing stores interested in ordering the latest collections, but also a meeting place with designers, owners of top Polish brands and representatives of the industry media.



Part of the Poznań Fashion Fair is the Exhibition of Shoes, Leather and Leather Goods BTS, which is co-organized by the Polish National Chamber of Leather Industry based in Radom.  Thanks to the cooperation, established in 2014 between Polish National Chamber of Leather Industry and the Municipal Office in Radom, once again the leather industry entrepreneurs from Radom has the opportunity to present in Poznań the possibilities of the native leather industry. The joint stand of the Radom leather industry is a permanent element of Poznań Fashion Fair for several years and thanks to the high quality of the products presented on it, the logo RADOM POWER IN PRECISION has become recognizable among visitors from all over the world.

In the autumn edition of the Poznań Fashion Fair 2017 are participating 12 Radom companies: BOCA Zbigniew Adamczyk, CARLO SARTI Krzysztof Szymański, GARBUT Krzysztof Malinowski, GARBARNIA GULIN s.c. Robert Pasik, Jan Kobylarczyk, P.W. HUBER Zygmunt Skarbek, KAREN sp. z o.o. Grzegorz Bukowski, P.P.H. AWM s.c. Władysław Malinowski, Arkadiusz Malinowski, MARCO Marek Malinowski, MAGAR sp. z o.o. Piotr Gawroński, Z.P.H.U. PASPOL Dariusz Dobrzyński, RAJ-SKÓR Zakład Garbarski Edyta Lesiak-Bąk and Verssen sp.j. Robert Kaługa, Dariusz Stępniewski.

The Gold Medals of the Poznań International Fair are the highest quality confirmation. Only those products that are considered by the expert Contest Jury to be innovative and distinctive on the market, but at the same time of great utility values and aesthetics, made with the utmost care and using of the latest technologies. The MTP Gold Medal also came to Radom this time and it was received by MAGAR. Congratulations!