12 February 2018
Jadar, Kratki.pl and Hitze among the winners of the MTP 2018 Gold Medal. Consumer voting is in progress.
20 November 2017
We invite you to watch another program from the cycle dedicated to Radom industry, presenting profiles and condition of native companies.
24 October 2017
Between 13th and 19th of November, there will be a special X edition of World Entrepreneurship Week. We invite you to participate in Radom WEW events.
23 October 2017
We invite you to participate in the second edition of the Fair - EASTERN DAYS OF COOPERATION, which will take place on 14-16 November 2017 in Targi Lublin S.A.
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12 March 2018
In the Electronic School Complex in Radom hosted a meeting about extending the dual education program. The meeting was attended by representatives of the school, city office and entrepreneurs interested in the program.
6 March 2018
The RADWAG company moved its operations to its new headquarters. A modern, five-storey building now houses production and all departments of the company.
2 March 2018
Jadar, Kratki.pl and Hitze among the winners of the Poznań International Fair 2018 Gold Medal. Consumer voting is in progress. We invite you to vote for Radom products.
27 December 2017
We invite you to become acquainted with the following  up to date offer of grants for research and development infrastructure (creation or extension of laboratories, R&D departments and development centers, etc.), available soon under EU funded programs. 1. What can I get funding for? ...
21 April 2017
Polish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Irish Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish-Israeli Chamber of Commerce, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Poland, Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish - Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Polish-Ucranian Chamber of Commerce   are ...
24 March 2016
SUPER 2016 FUNDAMENTALS OF SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT Economic, Environmental, Social & Technological Factors An Executive Short Course 5-11 June 2016; Athens, GR Overview Managers around the world are facing increasing pressure for decisions on  sus tainability issues seriously ...